About Schiltz Manufacturing

Schiltz Manufacturing was established in the mid-1980ís. This small manufacturing company was born of a concept from a farmer, Tom Schiltz, who was looking for an easier way to unload grain from his bins (after his 3 sons grew up and moved away).

Today, Schiltz Manufacturing is located in Northwest Iowa. Each Center Unload System is custom-built to your bin specifications.


We at Schiltz Manufacturing pledge . . .
  • To always be courteous and considerate to our customers
  • to provide accurate information about the features and benefits of our products and services
  • to meet their expectations regarding quality, price, and delivery of our products and services
  • to serve their needs with skilled, knowledgeable personnel
  • to promptly and fully inform them when our commitment cannot be met as originally stated
  • to accept and acknowledge complaints and act promptly and fairly in resolving problems
  • to expend extra effort during genuine customer emergencies
  • to act with honesty and integrity