Sweep Tunnels

You will never have to remove your sweep auger from your bin again. Get the benefits of a power sweep without having to make a large investment. Our sweep tunnel design not only works on the Schiltz Center Unload System but also works on any existing sweep auger. Our tunnel system covers your sweep auger allowing it to startup without being under a load. You will need to install our hinged support at the end of your sweep auger to prevent the sweep auger from making contact with the floor and advancing while the tunnels are in the down position. From outside the bin, the tunnels are raised by a hand winch that is connected to the tunnel located in the center of the bin, exposing the grain to the sweep auger. Once the tunnels are completely up and parallel to the bin wall the hinge support is repositioned allowing the sweep wheel to make full contact with the floor and to advance 360 degrees around the bin. We recommend either removing your electric motor from your sweep or protecting with some type of covering when you are filling your bin.

Aeration System

Many of our customers choose to order the optional aeration tubes for outstanding year-round grain conditioning. Choose either from a straight duct or "Y" duct system.  A straight duct system is recommend for bins up to 21 feet in diameter while the Y duct system can be installed in any size bin up to 42 feet in diameter and 30 feet in height. For larger capacity bins larger diameter duct is available. They are easy to install and come equipped with our support stands that provide sufficient clearance for the sweep auger to pass underneath the system.

All aeration systems come complete with tubes, wall adapter, reinforcement rings, support stands, mounting brackets to center section and end caps.