Our System Is Easy To Install!

The above-floor design simplifies the process. With the use of a few basic tools, you'll have it ready in a matter of hours.

For installaton on a concret floor you first find the center of your bin and drill a 5/8" hole at least 3" deep. For installation in a bin with an existing center sump you can simply modify the opening to accomdate the center pin that the center section is positioned on.

Next you will need to determine the placement of the hole to allow the discharge tube to exit the bin. With the center pin inserted into your center hole position a laser level on the base of the center pin where the center section will rest to determine the levelness of your floor. Once this poistions is marked on your bin wall measure up 18" for an 8" system or 17" for a 10" system to indicate where the bottom of tube will come through the bin wall.

Next the discharge tubes are installed followed by installation of the center section. To level the Center Unload System your discharge tubes must be level and the center section must be level both vertically and horizontally to allow for the bottom half of the center section to completely rotate 360 degress freely without making contact with the bin floor.

Final steps include attaching the motor mount to the power head, connecting the sweep and installing the sweep tunnels.

Center Unload System