How It Works

The Schiltz Center Unload System is designed to first pull the grain from the sump gate(s) located on the horizontal discharge tube. During this time of operation the center section is NOT engaged only the power head. Once the grain stops flowing freely into the sump gate(s), the system is powered down. Two bolts that secured the motor mount on the outside of the bin are removed and the power head is slid inward, allowing the power head to connect or engage to the center section. Our special designed tappered hub allows for this easy and quick process. This patented method allows for the gear boxes to run only during the last stage of your bin unloading process.

When the center section is engaged the sweep auger is also in operation. Our sweep tunnel system covers the sweep auger allowing it to startup without being under a load. The sweep auger is equipped with a hinged support positioned at the end of sweep wheel keeping the sweep auger off the floor and preventing it from making contact with the floor and advancing while the tunnels are in the down position. From outside the bin the tunnels are raised by a hand winch that is connected to the outer most tunnel exposing the grain to the sweep auger. Once the tunnels are completely up and parallel to the bin wall the hinge support is repositioned allowing the sweep wheel to make full contact with the floor and to advance 360 degrees around the bin. Our support stands are secured to the bottom of the discharge tubes and are designed to hinge out the way allowing the sweep auger to clear.

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Center Unload System