The Schiltz Center Unload System is based on a simple concept

Grain gravity flows into the sump opening located on the horizontal discharge tubes. Once grain stops flowing, the center section is engaged by sliding the power head inward. This powers the center section and sweep auger which will clean the perimeter of the bin.

The unit operates with either an electric or hydraulic motor. Our complete system includes, center section, discharge tubes, power head, motor mount, sweep auger and sweep tunnels. The sweep tunnels allow for the sweep auger to be kept in your bin at all times, eliminating the need of removing after each use. If you have multiple bins that are the same diameter in size the benefit to our system is our power head, motor mount and sweep auger are interchangeable from bin to bin, requiring the need to purchase only a basic unit which consists of only a center section and discharge tube for each additional bin.

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Center Unload System